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Club Service Avenue
  • Develop a Strategic plan for the club.
  • Ensure 100% of members are registered on My Rotary.
  • Set at least 18 Goals.
  • Post at least three initiatives on Rotary Show Case (for Global viewing).
  • Encourage Members to participate in Rotary Discussion Groups.
  • Qualify for RI Presidential Citation and Avenues of Service Citation Awards.
  • Participate in District Meets and Seminars.
  • Celebrate each month of the Rotary Years as per Rotary Calendar with appropriate activities.
  • Conduct regular meetings, board meetings and club assemblies.
  • All goals and meeting records to be meticulously maintained / updated in appropriate repositories.
  • Consider updating the Club Constitution and Bye Laws (if required).
  • Assess and implement a Club Leadership Plan.
  • Ensure each member has a position in the Club Board or Club Committees.
  • Ensure each member participates in planning and execution of Club projects.
Community Service Avenue
Service Projects related to Rotary 7 Areas of Focus
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment – Conduct cataract surgeries (20), Covid Awareness camps and hygiene training in Govt. schools.
    - Adopt one village in Dist. Avoidable Blindness Free Village Project.
    - Participate in Dist. Mental Health Initiative.
    - Conduct 10 Club Blood Donation Camps and participate in Zone camps.
  • Water and Sanitation – Install and commission five (5) Hand wash stations in schools. Create Water awareness and literacy in community.
    - Participate in Rotary India -Water, Sanitation and hygiene program.
  • Maternal and Child health- Female Hygiene talks and support good nutrition.
  • Basic Education and Literacy- Execute RILM -TEACH programme verticals in two schools.
  • Economic and Community Development – Livelihood based skill development via Skill Centre.
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention- Participate in Global grants and Twin programs.
  • Support Environment- Create awareness of solid waste management and reduce single use plastic.
  • Support other community charitable institutions (e.g. Anand Ashram) on case by case basis.
Major Goals
  • Adopt a village in the geographical vicinity of the Club.
  • Establish a Skill Development Center in Gurgaon in partnership with a local entity.
  • Develop one Corporate CSR relationship and conduct the contracted activity.
    E.g. Dist. 50 Ambulance Project.

  • N.B. Based on consideration and approvals, a pro-forma budget based on projected income and as per Rotary norms will be presented at the first club assembly to be held in the month of July 2021.

Major Club Project – The Harmony Heart Project
  • The project team worked on the co-operation with the sister Club, Rotary Club of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, and the MOU with the Hospital at Palwal, Haryana and the Hospital Trust at Bangalore.
    • The Application for the Rotary International Global Grant and the MOU were developed with help from, Rotarians from Rotary Club of Bangalore Indiranagar which has got 10,000 surgeries done in the last 10 years,
    • Rotary Club of Faridabad Aravalli which has provided an Operation Theatre for Heart Surgeries
    • Rotary Club of Delhi Mid West which had an MOU with Fortis Hospital
    • Rotary Club of Fort Wayne, the International partner Club,
    • District Grants Sub-Committee Chair,
    • District Rotary Foundation Chair, and
    • District Governor.
Vocational Service Avenue
  • Encourage all members to display "Rotary Code of Conduct" and "The Four Way Test" at their homes and work places.
  • Partner with an industry association (e.g. Garment Exporters) to implement the "Four Way Test" , amongst their members.
  • Establish a joint RCGHI / ISTD (Gurgaon) Award for Vocational Excellence in professions.
  • Recognize and honor outstanding vocational achievers in the community.
  • Establishment of a Skill Development Centre on a partnership basis.
  • Participate in “50 Job Skills “guaranteed employment program of the Dist.
International Service Avenue
  • Establish “Twin Club “relationship with RC Queenstown –Singapore and RC Fort Wayne.
  • Consider arranging visits to foreign clubs / attend meetings.
  • Participate in international fellowship and Peace activities.
  • Promote RI Convention 2022.
Youth Service Avenue
  • Build and grow the existing three Interact Clubs and one Rotaract Club.
  • Establish a new Rotaract (Community based) Club.
  • Sponsor members of the above clubs for DILA and RYLA.
  • Ensure participation of Interactors and Rotaractors in Club meetings, events and projects.
Areas of Focus of Rotary International Projects
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
  • Support the environment

  • Fullfill all District and RI administrative requirements
  • Promote Fellowship
  • Track attendance and communicate with absentee members
  • Organise weekly programmes to improve attendance and fellowship.
  • Identify projects, arrange for funds and execution of the projects.
  • Initiate and maintain dialogue with other Clubs for develop new projects
  • Ensure continuous support to ongoing projects of the Club
  • Bring in support from Corporates, other NGOs and individual etc.
  • Organise camps for Health Check-up, Blood Donation and Cataract Surgeries.
  • Identify Schools requiring WinS Wash Stations
  • Identify& Provide necessary Support at schools post installation.
  • Ensure Star 1 status for all “WinS” schools
  • Coverage of service projects in local print and electronic media and social media.
  • Effective communication via website, social media and Newsletters.
  • Encourage every Rotarian to wear badge at all Rotary events and Rotary pin in all aspects of life.
  • Strictly follow norms from Rotary Brand Centre and ensure compliance in club branding.
  • Conduct a Membership Health Check and survey.
  • Club to have a minimum of 25 members and grow to 30 members.
  • Goal of 90% membership retention.
  • Encourage club to adopt "Each One Bring One".
  • Membership participation in Dist. Women’s Conferences to promote women membership.
  • Organize from time to time “New Member Orientation “training and appoint mentors for new members.
  • Issue to each member a Club Identity Card.
  • Achieve 100% PHF status for the club.
  • Encourage members to become Major Donors.
  • Participate in Global Grants
    - Conduct 65 Surgeries @ $130,000 by partnering RC Fort Wayne, USA.
  • Apply for District Grant Projects for WiNS / WASH.
  • Organise Pre-Induction talks for prospective members
  • Organise programmes for Club Members, families, Interactors and Rotaractors
  • Share with Members about RI Webinars
  • Organise Club's participation in all NIDs / SNID activities
  • Represent Club in District events for Polio Eradication
  • Share Club's activity plans with the PR Committee, Bulletin Committee and the Web Committee
  • Active Support to TEACH program
  • Improve quality of education in adopted schools
  • Advocacy of Literacy by partnership with Govt. / Other NGOs
  • Recognize Outstanding Vocational Achievers in the Community at Club Functions
  • Nominate candidates for Rotary District Vocational Awards
  • Create new Vocational / Training centers and Sustain existing Vocational and Sustain existing
  • Vocational Counseling & Training Centres
  • Participate in Friendship Exchange Programs with Rotary Clubs in other countries by sponsor club members to visit Rotary clubs in other countries.
  • Host Friendship Exchange team members/ Inviting Exchange teams
  • Register for International RI Convention
  • Form Interact Clubs. Guiding /mentoring the Interactors to take up social work activities and sponsor the clubs to attend Rotary District events
  • Form Rotaract Clubs, guiding /mentoring the Rotaractors to take up social work activities and sponsor the clubs to attend Rotary District events
  • Sponsor Rotaract Club(s) to attend Rotary District functions
  • Involve Interactors / Rotaractors in special Club meetings/ Projects
  • Sponsor youth(s) to attend multi-district RYLA / DILA
  • Promoting fellowship and a healthy spirit of competition, the Sports Committee strives to have regular events that are open to all members of the Club.
  • Motivate members to participate in the Rotary District Cricket Tournament –organized by
  • District time to time.
  • Motivate Interact Clubs to participate in the District Interact Badminton Tournament by District every year.